“ The beauty of the macaron is its versatility and its smallness. The best part of my job is the absolute pleasure that I provide for my customers. This unique tastebud experience, ever changing and surprising, is what makes our macarons a perfect everyday indulgence. ”

Razmig Tchoboian

We have 10 years of experience manufacturing and selling patisserie.

After 7 years running five retail locations in prime California marketplaces, we decided to focus our activity exclusively on developing a new concept that would combine the best of two worlds, co-packing and wholesale.

Your benefits are:

  • No R&D (you save time and money);
  • Products customized per your company’s needs (you do not see it sold to competitors);
  • We supply it to you in minimal lead time all across North America

Our guarantees:

  • Competitive rates;
  • Maximal shelf life with no preservatives/chemicals;
  • HACCP manufacturing process.

Napoléon’s Macarons are delicate French cookies filled with luscious buttercream or rich ganache. They are lovingly handmade… and exceedingly French!

The collection includes classic recipes as well as our unique, eclectic flavors of gluten-free French Macarons. Our macarons are gluten-free and made with organic products.